The waters off Ischia, Italy offer a unique opportunity for the study of cetaceans. Since 1991, over seven different Mediterranean species have been recorded. It is a breeding ground for fin whales, striped dolphins, Risso's dolphins and social units of sperm whales.


The area has been listed by the ICUN as a critical habitat for endangered short-beaked common dolphins and also occasionally bottlenose dolphins and pilot whales.

T-CPI has partnered with Oceanomare Delphis Onlus (ODO), a local organisation that works to study and protect cetaceans and their habitat. ODO aims to advance the science and practice of conserving cetaceans through implementing non-invasive studies, promoting education and providing conservation programmes that enhance public awareness. ODO is a member of the Cetacean Alliance. 

T-CPI works closely with the ODO research team to help raise awareness about cetaceans and this important biodiversity hotspot.


There is so much more knowledge that can be shared when it comes to how we can better protect our natural environment. All too often we miss out on important information simply from being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The Conservation Project International is about bringing together a global perspective, sharing knowledge, and making the projects that matter happen as a collective voice.

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