Harry Wright, founder of The Conservation Project International

Harry Wright

CEO and Co-founder

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Harry Wright is a lawyer specialising in social entrepreneurship and a passionate conservationist. Harry is the CEO of The Conservation Project International (T-CPI) and is passionate about empowering a new generation of conservationists to become future leaders in the field.

David Luna, co-founder of The Conservation Project International

David Luna


Director and Co-founder

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A former U.S. Diplomat and national security official, David is a globally-recognized strategic thought leader, and a leading voice internationally on transnational threats, international affairs, geopolitical risks, illicit trade and global illicit economies ("dark side of globalization") that fuel greater insecurity and instability around the world. 

David is the President & CEO of Luna Global Networks and currently the Chair of the Business at OECD Anti-Illicit Trade Expert Group; Senior Fellow for National Security and Co-Director, Anti-Illicit Trade Institute, Terrorism, Transnational Crime, and Corruption Center (TraCCC), Schar School of Policy and Government, GMU.  David holds a B.A from the University of Pennsylvania, J.D. from the Catholic University of America and certificates from the Harvard Business School.

Lynne Medlock, Honorary Reporting Accountat for The Conservation Project International

Lynne Medlock

Honorary Reporting Accountant

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Lynne is an ACCA qualified accountant with a passion for being underwater. Witnessing first-hand the effects of overfishing and pollution on marine life drew her from the corporate environment to the marine environment and as the Honorary Reporting Accountant for T-CPI, she helps protect our oceans through her love of spreadsheets. Lynne works full-time for a UK marine conservation charity based and is a passionate diver and shark-lover!

Jessica Graham serves as the President of JG Global Advisory, LLC. She works with executive leadership to provide strategic planning, business development, and project management solutions for international organizations at the cross-section of law enforcement and conservation.

She previously worked as a Senior Advisor to the U.S. State Department, Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs developing their environmental crime program and serving as the Team Leader.


She has also worked with the INTERPOL Illicit Markets Sub-Directorate, Environmental Security Programme as a Strategic Policy Advisor to senior leadership facilitating partnership development and managing cross-cutting wildlife trafficking projects.


With 10 years of dedicated experience working on environmental and security issues, Jessica has worked across the public, private, and non-profit sectors. Previously she served as a chief negotiator for the U.S. government, championing key transnational organized crime resolutions in multilateral forums, including the UN Crime Commission.

Jessica Graham, director at The Conservation Project International

Jessica Graham


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Emily Assender, strategic advisor for the Conservation Project International

Emily Assender


Strategic Advisor

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With over 10 years experience in research and partnerships, at T-CPI, Emily applies her experience gained in the private sector to her passion - nature and conservation. 


Emily volunteers at TCPI as a strategic advisor, responsible for scaling the charity, fundraising initiatives and building awareness of the projects we work on and partners we support. Emily's full-time role is Director of Strategic Partnerships at VC backed tech start-up, Ometria.

Jack Tra, Marketing and communications for The Conservation Project International

Jack Trá

Marketing and Communications

Jack is an Irish biologist and communications expert who has focused his efforts on marine conservation research in some of the worlds most remote locations and on shaping international legislation to protect wildlife and reduce global emissions. Now working as a consultant with NGOs and conservation projects across the globe Jack continues to help shape our world into a wilder place, where humans and wildlife all play their part on this blue planet. 

Sophie Locke, climate and communications for The Conservation Project International

Sophie Locke

Climate and Communications

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Sophie volunteers for T-CPI within climate change and communications. She works as a Researcher for a UK marine conservation charity, focusing on establishing marine protected areas, habitat restoration and over-fishing.


Sophie holds an MSc in Climate Change and a BSc in Environmental Science and Biology. Sophie is originally from Western Australia and is incredibly passionate about wildlife conservation both above and below the waves!

Abi Croker, volunteer for the Conservation Project International

Abigail Croker


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Abi is a climate change science and policy enthusiast and a lecturer at Bournemouth University in Green Technology and Renewable Energy. She is about to embark upon a PhD in institutions, governance and policy to address wildfire challenges in a changing global environment at Imperial College London.

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Felix Smith, programme officer at the Conservation Project International

Felix Smith

Programme Officer

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Felix is a qualified Marine Biologist and dedicated Conservationist, having worked on the ground at scientific research projects around the world, including most recently in the Seychelles. Felix has always been deeply fascinated by nature, and is passionate about raising awareness for marine conservation.

Rosanna Tenerelli, head of communications for The Conservation Project International

Rossana Tenerelli

Head of Communication and Institutional Affairs and Marine Mammal Researcher

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With over 10 years experience in international affairs, commercial diplomacy and government relations, Rossana has been transferring her expertise in marine study, conservation projects and developing research skills, with a focus on the cetacean species of the Mediterranean Sea since 2015.


In recent years, alongside field work, Rossana has led several high-profile communication campaigns, citizen science and educational events, as well as fostering crucial institutional relations with key stakeholders in order to raise awareness around marine conservation. 

With a background in Political Science and International and Diplomatic Relations, she strongly believes in the importance of creating synergies among government authorities, the scientific community and the civil society in order for global conservation actions to be truly successful and sustainable. 

Davide Lelong, volunteer at The Conservation Project International

Davide Lelong


Davide graduated with an MSc in Marine Biology from Italy and since 2015, he has volunteered with different organizations around the world. This includes working with marine mammals in the Falkland Islands and orcas in British Columbia, CA. 

Davide is interested in the bioacoustics of marine animals, especially cetaceans. Driven by curiosity, Davide follows the words of J. Cousteau 'that we protect what we love, and we love what we know.' Davide hopes to inspire people by sharing knowledge and his experiences with others.