12 years to change

Following the deliberation of the IPCC report this week, the human species has 12 years to avert catastrophe on the planet.

It is self evident that multi lateral action is required at a pace in which we have not witnessed before in human history. The Paris Agreement, despite its inconsistencies, secured an international response to climate change, implementing a framework which paved the way for countries to transfer off fossil fuels onto renewable energy. But we must still go further.

As such, the swiftness in which we must now act, cannot be understated. An entire overhaul is required not only in our economic system, but throughout society. Developed countries must lead by example, helping developing nations achieve sustainable economic growth through renewable technologies. Moreover, we must take better care of our natural world, fiercely protecting our last viable ecosystems, improving corporate accountability and enacting the Sustainable Development Goals in full by 2030.

Much has been spoken on climate change over the last few decades, many conferences have happened, much greenwashing has taken place. But we now need firm action, in order to truly solve this crisis. Mitigating the impending effects today is paramount, not only in securing a safer future for our children, but for billions of people around the world.

If we fail in this short window, we will inherently fail in ourselves. Thus, if the human species is to rise to the full height that is demanded by its intelligence and ingenuity, then we must move to a state of affairs where that condition is permanent.


An article by Harry Wright

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