Meet our new volunteer Elaine.

Elaine Ford is passionate about the natural world, conservation and science. She obtained a BSc Biology with Ecology and integrated MSc Tropical Biodiversity at the University of Edinburgh. As part of her environmental work she has researched, conducted ecological surveys and undertaken fieldwork and species identification in freshwater, terrestrial and marine habitats.  Her work has taken her to regions as diverse as the jungles and savannahs in Central America to Serra de Tramuntana mountains in Mallorca. Elaine has also scuba dived to survey wildlife. She holds a Royal Botanic Garden certificate in Botanical Fieldwork and obtained tropical plants for the Natural History Museum’s Botany Collection.

Elaine’s strong interest in nature and design led her recent research to explore the structural qualities of plants, creating innovative experiments to examine fluid dynamics, plant dispersal and aerodynamics. She investigates how we can learn from natures evolutionary mechanisms to influence how we engineer and design.

In her efforts to protect the natural world Elaine has directed international conferences on behalf of the Scottish Environment Protection Agency and Scotland’s 2020 Climate Group. These explored the delivery of the UN Sustainable Development Goals by a business-led approach to sustainable growth. Elaine is also a Young Leader and member of Scotland’s 2050 Climate Group that aims to lead a social movement by engaging, educating and empowering Scotland’s future leaders to take action on climate change.

Previous to her scientific research Elaine obtained BA Fine Art with Digital Crafting in Glass at Edinburgh College of Art, Elaine is keen to utilise art as a media to engage in real and necessary conversation to address pressing global challenges. She has produced multidisciplinary artwork including, glass sculpture, film and painting and curated several art exhibition to deliver immersive arts and culture experiences to provide the opportunity for people to engage each other in the conservation conversation.

Elaine is an active mountaineer, climber and cyclist. She is a competitive sailor and a member of the British Sub Aqua Club certified as a Sports Diver. Her love for adventure and exploring the environment has enabled her to engage people in the science of the natural world, sustainability and conservation.

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